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Barack Obama’s Cousin Works As Consultant For Putin


Senate Democrats recently admitted that the Trump/Russia investigation is a sham and that no evidence of “collusion” had been uncovered. But as President Trump has been saying, the real collusion was with the Democrats. And a recent investigation revealed that one such Democrat is the cousin of Barack Hussein Obama.

On Sunday, The Blaze dropped a bombshell: Matumba R. Obama, his cousin on his father’s side of the family, runs a one-man consulting firm in Zimbabwe. He services numerous important clients, but the most interesting is Kristof Pragerski, a Russian intelligence operative.


According to the report, Obama “came into possession of the Access Hollywood tape that shows the President using a profanity.” This tape was then used in an attempt to harm President Trump during the 2016 election.

“Pragerski contacted the Kremlin on Obama’s behalf and received his instructions,” the report says. “The very next day the media was reporting on it.”

“This is one of many leaks that have been linked to Pragerski and Matumba Obama,” The Blaze reports.

President Trump has been saying for quite some time that the only real collusion was between Russia and the Democrats. He has a lot of information the rest of us have not seen. Is this what he was talking about?

Unfortunately, we may never know because the Democrats’ sham investigation doesn’t even mention this.

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