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Trump Announces ‘Hold The Date’ – Invites Every American To Watch

It’s never been done, but that’s not stopping ‘The Donald.’

Donald Trump loves a good party. And he sure knows how to throw one.

He especially knows how to throw a party to celebrate patriots—including those in MAGA hats.

So, we should not be surprised he’s planning something special in 2019. And his announcement for it broke the Internet.

From Bloomberg:

Fireworks and big displays of patriotism aren’t exactly unheard of in Washington on the Fourth of July. But President Donald Trump has promised to ratchet up the festivities to a new level this year — and effectively suggested turning a national holiday into a political rally.


Trump’s tweet — which was re-tweeted more than 23,000 times and had attracted 37,000 comments — quickly spawned the #holdthedate hashtag on Twitter.

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President Trump just might be the most patriotic president we’ve seen in decades.

He certainly loves this country much more than the last guy. We can expect his Fourth of July party to be through the roof.

It’s not surprising that his announcement went viral so quickly. Americans all over the country would be ecstatic to attend.

I know more than a few would pack up the car and drive across the country, just to be there.

Even the leftists who thought they were mocking his announcement, only added fuel to the fire. More people are hearing about this party.

And the excitement is growing.

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