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‘God Sent Me To Get Trump’ Yells Maxine At Church, Shocked Pastor Makes Her Regret It

Maxine Waters is furious. She was captured on video at the AME Church on Sunday, which has the largest African-American congregation in Los Angeles. Waters preached from the pulpit in a frenzy, saying, “I’m a prophet from God sent to get the evil Donald Trump.”

The Congresswoman ranted for 14-minutes and spewed some of the most ridiculous lies like America will return to slavery. Well, one shocked pastor had heard enough, making Mad Maxine regret every word.

Maxine Waters stood up at the pulpit at the largest African-American church in Los Angeles and immediately started fearmongering and lying to the congregants. “I just want you to know we are in the fight of our lives, and we’ve never seen anything like this before,” began Maxine, referring to President Donald Trump and what she calls his “alt-right Nazi supporters.”

Mad Maxine did not want to be on video at the AME Church, and it’s quite telling she is furious any of this repulsive speech is making its way onto the internet. It proves she realizes that she fed those congregants so many blatant lies, Auntie Maxine is hoping to keep them in the dark.

The unhinged Congresswomen began her sermon by pulling out the old lie that Trump “mocked and mimicked a disabled person.” That lie was debunked. In fact, the huge #WalkAway campaign, which is made up of former Democrats, points to the video and completely debunks this vicious lie about the president.

Maxine then claims that she “did research into Trump and discovered all his allies are Russians and Putin supporters.” Low IQ Maxine researched Trump? Wow, that’s a laugh. No one is buying that falsehood unless Whacky Waters got her research from Rachel Maddow at MSNBC.

But Mad Max is just getting the congregation warmed up. She’s got her CNN talking points and has the gall to stand inside a church and act as their savior. “He’s [Trump] undermining our democracy. They [Russia] had him escape the election system with the intent of electing Trump to office. Russians were intent on making him the president of the United States, not by the popular vote, no, he only won the electoral college,” spewed Maxine.

Corrupt old Maxine Waters on Sunday told congregants of the First AME Church in LA that God has sent her to take on Trump.
She began her tirade by accusing the Trump of being intent on “taking America down,” rather than living up to his 2016 slogan of “Make America Great Again.”

— Dr. Thomas Hoke (@hoke_thomas) July 25, 2018

Maxine emphasized this win of the electoral college like it was some nefarious way to win the presidency. Sadly, many there seemed to believe this was somehow illegal, which is exactly how the disgraced Congresswoman represented it.

Waters goes on to lecture the crowd on her life, painting herself as some Civil Rights saint who is dedicated to making sure slavery would never happen again. Listening to this portion of Waters sick sermon, you’d think she lived during the slave days.

Referring to Trump and Civil Rights again, she says, “We have to ensure no one undoes all that has been done!” Of course, the congregation have bought Trump’s goals are to undo the Civil Rights Act, and Mad Maxine gets thunderous applause on that topic, so she goes ahead and doubles down, bringing up slavery.

She counseled her audience, “Don’t you worry about those who are threatening [to take away Civil Rights]. Don’t you worry about those who are talking about they’re gonna shoot. I know some of you got a little worried when I said to them, ‘If you’re gonna shoot me you better shoot straight.’”

She then turned to the poor children, because she is such a champion of children. Maxine Waters voted in favor of late-term abortions, but she loves the little children who are “being ripped out of their parent’s arms.” If you think she is referring to illegal aliens and the border, think again.

Pointing to kids standing behind her, Waters screams, “Most of all we gotta talk about the children. I say to this president stop tearing children away from their parents!” One woman screams, “My God, he’s evil!”

Mad Maxine is on a roll like she is preaching the word of God. She yells, “You know how it was [during slavery]. They would take away the little boys, and girls, away from their parents because they wanted to keep them as theirs [sic] growing up on the plantation! The parents never saw the children again. And so there are those who tell us why are we worried what happened during slavery and we know it can happen again!”

Waters ended her remarks by claiming God has sent her on her mission against Trump. “You’ve gotta know that I’m here to do the work that I was sent to do, and when God sends you to do something, you just do it!” Maxine added. “I’m like the prophet sent to get the evil Donald Trump!”

Well, one prominent African-American pastor in Los Angeles, the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, made Mad Maxine regret every word as he exposed her lies and fearmongering. He tweeted, “Crazy @MaxineWaters got a standing ovation while she delivered a hate-filled political speech from the pulpit of a major black church in LA attacking @realDonaldTrump (The Great White Hope). The devil is in the black church.”

Crazy @MaxineWaters got a standing ovation while she delivered a hate-filled political speech from the pulpit of a major black church in LA attacking @realDonaldTrump (The Great White Hope). The devil is in the black church.

— Jesse Lee Peterson (@JLPtalk) July 25, 2018

Americans are outraged over Maxine Waters using a church to spew venomous lies. She is desperate to keep those living in her poverty-stricken district in the dark, believing President Trump is some monster who is bringing back slavery.

She is evil. She is unhinged. The only way her constituents will be out of bondage is if she loses the upcoming mid-term. She was right, slavery is alive and well — in her district. Waters is the plantation owner symbolically whipping those poor people with lies and fear.

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