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California governor pulling troops from border

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California announced Monday that he would withdraw nearly 400 of his state’s National Guard troops from deployment along the border with Mexico and assign them to other duties.

The step to rescind state authorization for the border deployment is a sharp rebuke of President Trump’s continued warnings that undocumented migrants present a national security risk to the United States. It follows a similar move last week by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico.

Under a “general order” that Mr. Newsom plans to sign, 110 California National Guard troops will be redirected to support the state’s central fire agency, Cal Fire, and another 100 will work on statewide “intelligence operations” aimed at international criminal drug gangs.

Mr. Newsom is also seeking to expand the state’s Counterdrug Task Force with 150 National Guard troops, which would require funding from the Department of Defense.

California governor Gavin Newsom is calling it a “manufactured crisis.”

Now Democrats will claim they’re not playing politics, the truth is they are.

Why on earth, would a governor pull troops from the border when we need security now more than ever.

In a typical democrat response, Newsom said”

“No more division, xenophobia or nativism.”

California is the leading resister against the President and common sense. They care about power and money and not the safety and security of our country. It’s like this state should be another country and we can build a wall around it.

There is no manufactured crisis. A migrant caravan is heading towards the US, they automatically think they can just come in here without doing it the right way.

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