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After Trump Orders “Human Wall” – His Supporters Sprint To The Border

Even Donald did not expect these Americans to pull this off.

Democrats are trying to stop Trump from building the wall, but American patriots are putting up a fight.

The Left is perfectly happy to continue letting the caravans flow in unchecked. They see each border jumper as a new welfare dependent they can exchange for a Democrat vote.

Isn’t that what the Democrats are all about?

But the Donald is determined to secure our border, and he is willing to do anything it takes to make America safe. And he truly means anything, including building a “Human Wall if necessary.”

Some Trump supporters are taking the President literally, and have jumped into action at some vulnerable parts of the border.

From MAGA Voter:

A group of border security advocates joined together at the US-Mexico border recently in order to form a “human wall” in support of President Trump’s proposed increases to security at the porous borderline.

In an area at the New Mexico border, the group formed a chain of people to show their support for bolstering border security while waving American flags and holding signs.

Isn’t that amazing?!

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If the Left isn’t going to do anything to protect the country, true Americans have to step up to get the job done.

There are many groups working independently of the government to keep the border secure, including a group who call themselves the Arizona Border Recon.

This armed militia spends their free time working to stop the traffickers from smuggling drugs and people into the country.

There are dozens of these groups all across the border states, many of them law enforcement who see patrolling the border as part of their oath to defend America.

If private vigilantes are doing more to guard the border than our own government is, then who really controls the border?

These patriots are doing what the government can’t do, because the Democrats won’t allow it. Until Trump can get funding for the wall, border security advocates are our only hope at stopping the cartels.

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