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Congress Finds Border Solution For Trump – Leaves Queen Pelosi In Shambles

Donald is getting exactly what he needs to get his wall and leave Nancy in the dust.

President reopened the government last month, giving Congress three weeks to craft a lasting deal.

As usual, no one thought he could make it happen. You’d think by now people would start believing the man.

Especially with Queen Nancy standing in the way and refusing to come to the table.

But once again, Trump’s dynamic influence—combining pressure and his stunning SOTU—is making the difference.

From Washington Examiner:

House and Senate negotiators are closing in on a possible border security agreement that would fund new technology, additional border patrol agents, and likely some kind of fencing in certain areas along the southern border…

“I gave a report on meeting with the president and I thought things were on the positive trajectory as far as maybe concluding the funding,” Shelby said. “But we are not there yet.”

The Democrats can change the language all they want, but they are conceding on a border wall.

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President Trump has refined his goals, going from a concrete wall to steel fencing. Regardless of the terminology, we’re talking about protecting the border with an impenetrable barrier.

After an agonizing shutdown, one that humiliated the Democrats, they can’t face another beating.

While they were partying in Hawaii and Puerto Rico, President Trump was in frosty D.C., working hard.

Pelosi’s approval tanked while Trump’s climbed.

Do they want a repeat of that? 2020 isn’t that far away and American voters don’t forget.

It makes sense that numerous Democrats are coming around. They can’t keep getting beat and pretend like it doesn’t hurt.

More and more Americans are joining Trump in wanting a secure border. They won’t tolerate more gridlock in Congress, because of the left’s games.

Looks like a deal will be made and the wall (or fence) will finally be built.

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