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Trump Blindsides Congress – He Never Gave Pelosi A Chance

Everyone missed how Donald flew past Nancy – she never saw him coming.

Trump’s State of the Union address attempted to be bipartisan, but also unashamedly stood for American principles.

Pelosi was forced to clap for many good things during the speech, rising to applaud the President’s special guests like World War Two veterans and reformed prisoners who benefited from the First Step Act.

Other moments she acted like she was glued to her seat, even for the low unemployment numbers and the arrest of human traffickers at the border.

But what many may have missed was a snub she received early on, which is sure to put Pelosi in her place.

From The Daily Mail:

President Donald Trump began Tuesday’s State of the Union address by snubbing the woman who has given him the most heartburn in the past five weeks.

It’s traditional for the speaker to introduce the president before an address to a Joint Session of Congress. Instead, Trump walked behind the podium and began speaking right away.

A senior House Democratic aide acknowledged Tuesday night that Trump ‘blew through the customary introduction by the speaker.’

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Pelosi doesn’t deserve to introduce the President after what she did to him.

Delaying Trump’s State of the Union address by a week was a hyper-partisan attack to silence him, and likely revenge on her part because the President canceled her taxpayer-funded trip to Afghanistan.

With how incredible his speech was, is it any wonder why Pelosi was trying to keep him out of the public eye?

The President’s snub was his way of showing Pelosi who is really in charge, and with every line of his speech he asserted his commitment to fighting the liberal policies that are destroying America.

Trump vowed to defeat socialism, to defend the unborn, to honor our veterans, and to build the wall.

The Democrats can groan, roll their eyes, and boo all they like, but the President is not going to be dictated to, and he is going to make America great again.

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