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Watch What Happens When Libs Think Obama and Hillary’s Quotes Are Trump’s

Donald Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, this week may not have been the president’s finest moment, but one suspected that the absolute meltdown the media had over it was based more on their feelings about the president than what he did.

If, one suspects, he had said the exact same thing that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did regarding Russia, the result would have been the same.

Well, we don’t have access to anyone in the establishment media to test this theory. We do have, however, protesters out on the National Mall who were interviewed by The Daily Caller — and it more or less proves this theory.

What The Caller did was give people a quote they said was from Donald Trump but had actually come from Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

The first part came from the infamous 2012 video where then-President Obama was caught on an open mic telling then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev — a Putin puppet in every sense of the word — that he needed “space” on missile defense.

“This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama can be heard saying, while Medvedev says he’ll transmit the message to Vladimir Putin — who was, at the time, about to retake the Russian presidency.

So, what did people on the mall think about Trump “saying this?” You perchance can predict this part:

“I feel that is probably the most dangerous thing that you can say because he’s basically offering carte blanche to anything that could potentially happen after 2020,” one man said. “I think all of us as Americans and really voters need to recognize that and be very serious with our vote.”

At least one guy noticed that it “sounds familiar to what happened to the last president.” Well, at least some people have longer memories than others.

When it came to flexibility, at least one person was honest, saying that it was “why I’m biased-speaking, I mean, I think he should have had more flexibility.”

“I do know that, actually, but I think it’s all about context as well,” a different man said.

When Hillary’s reset button was brought up, meanwhile, one woman said it was different because “there was more transparency.” There are plenty of words one might use to describe the Clinton family, but their arrant opacity doesn’t allow “transparency” to be one of them.

This is a small sample size, but it’s an interesting experiment. There are people designed to hate whatever the president says, no matter the content of it.

Take the lesser-known portions of the Gettysburg Address, read them off to millennials wandering the National Mall and pass them off as a speech President Trump gave at a Civil War monument and I can practically guarantee at least 30 percent of respondents will identify them as indicators of white supremacy and as showing support for the display of the Confederate flag.

Perhaps this is what bugs me about the establishment media coverage regarding Helsinki. I don’t think even Trump’s supporters would acknowledge it was one of the finest moments of his presidency unless they were trying to be provocatively contrarian.

But to call the press conference treasonous with a straight face as John Brennan did — a crime which can carry the death penalty, mind you — is either patently absurd or defining down what criminal activity by a president entails because of the man occupying the presidency.

Or you could be like the MSNBC commentator who compared the press conference to Pearl Harbor and Kristallnacht. (I, unfortunately, am being serious.) Or you could be like Hillary Clinton, who used the occasion to accuse her 2016 adversary of being on Russia’s side with a smug tweet.

Yet, as we proved here, if Trump used the words of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, he’d still be savaged. Probably by Hillary, as well. The knives are out, and if liberals can’t find provocation to use them, they’ll simply make it up.

Featured Image Source H/T: WesternJournal

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. phillip Rosen

    July 22, 2018 at 1:08 pm

    CNN and MSNBC are so biased in their negative reporting of Trump , and FOX is so biased in their positive reporting of Trump , that the end result is exactly that what I see is the 2 sides being at completely at odds with one another !

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