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Hillary Weighs in on Trump-Putin Summit, Exposes Herself With Revealing Comment

President Donald Trump continues to win for the American people. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is flying coach. As Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Crooked Hillary offered her advice. Her sad and pathetic comment reveals everything that you need to know about her.

How long has it been since the 2016 Election? The country has since moved on, happy with the work our president is achieving. Yet there is one group in our country that cannot get over the night of November 8, 2016: the Democrats. Biggest of them all is Loser Hillary Clinton.

Most failed presidential candidates quickly receded into private life. Some might return to their lower offices in government. Some might even give of themselves for the great good, like former President Jimmy Carter and his Habitat for Humanity. None of them cling to their losses, unwilling to get over their titanic failure. Unless of course, we’re talking about Hillary Clinton.

The massive ego of this woman would not allow her to move on. Any cut-rate therapist would have told her to get over it. Especially after two years. Instead, she has continued to complain and make excuses. To date, she has blamed everyone and everything for her loss, including things like sexism, the media, and Barack Obama. It’s quite pathetic and incredibly embarrassing.

The woman has even written a book about it. She went on a crybaby tour of the world, explaining why she didn’t win. As Donald Trump meets with world leaders and negotiates for America, Clinton takes to Twitter to shout into the darkness. Sorry, lady, you lost. It’s well past time you moved on.

But we all know she never will. Some rumor she might run again; to that, I say: PLEASE DO. I’d love to see Trump destroy her again. Even now, she tries to weigh in on important events happening in America and around the world. Problem is, what she’s contributing is hardly worth anything. It proves how petty and destructive the former leader is.

Hillary Clinton hit President Trump on Sunday night over his planned summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin — as she fit in a reference to the World Cup final.

Clinton tweeted: “Great World Cup. Question for President Trump as he meets Putin: Do you know which team you play for?” [Source: Fox News]

Please keep in mind Hillary Clinton was the one who started the Russian collusion hoax. Long before CNN and the rest of the fake news hyped up this lie, Clinton had concocted a scheme. She paid off Russian agents and former intelligence operatives to create a fake dossier. In it, they claim Trump was being blackmailed by Russia to run for president. A ridiculous lie, which was completely improbable. But Clinton believed we would be too stupid not to question it.

The media refused to publish it during the election. But after Trump won, Buzzfeed and CNN released the dossier as if it were fact. Even though it was largely debunked, the fake news started pushing the Russian-collusion story as if it were true. That sparked James Comey — the con artist who ran the FBI — to launch the bogus witch hunt. That has given Trump critics fuel to attack him on a daily basis.

It all goes back to Crooked Hillary.

With all of Trump’s victories, the media has little reason to attack him. So, they keep pushing the Russian hoax to hurt his reputation. That’s all they have. There is zero evidence to back their claim; at the very worst, a few Russians meddled on social media. They did not impact our voting systems. And they certainly weren’t working with Trump. Yet the liberal media continues to push it as fact because they are still obeying the orders of Hillary Clinton.

Clinton sent out that tweet as a pathetic jab. She wishes it was her meeting with Putin. You can imagine what a disaster that would be. Yet Clinton the loser cannot let go of her failure. She pushes this tired and baseless attack as if it will change anything. It won’t. Trump will continue to win for the American people. He will treat Putin fairly, but honestly, to ensure our two nations get along. If we can.

The toxic and miserable rhetoric from the left makes getting along with Russia very difficult. Crooked Hillary continues to only make it worse. But in the end, she exposes how petty and unprofessional she really is. Thank goodness she’s not our president.

Featured Image Source H/T: MadWorldNews

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