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Seconds Before Awarding The Medal Of Honor, Trump Makes His Greatest Gesture Yet

Although President Trump did not serve as a soldier, he is serving now, and it’s clear he has the utmost respect for our men and women in uniform.

This country has produced some amazing heroes, and Trump has gone above and beyond to honor the sacrifices our service members make.

They are what make our country strong, and Trump repeatedly shows that he is willing to put them first.

Instead of holding a ceremony for NFL players who disrespect our flag, the president recently held a “Celebrate America” ceremony at the White House to send a message hat our country respects veterans and active military more than overpaid athletes.

The President also paid tribute to another hero recently, by posthumously awarding the Congressional Medal of Honor Tuesday to World War II veteran Garlin Murl Connor.

While honoring Connor, Trump proved with one gesture that he is a friend to Americans with old-fashioned values.

From The Daily Caller:

“Trump opened the ceremony with a moment of prayer by a military chaplain before giving a speech lauding Connor’s service.

Connor’s story is unique given his death nearly 20 years ago. He earned his award in January 1945 fighting Nazi Germany after sneaking out of the hospital while recovering from a previous wound.

Connor went straight to the frontline with a telephone and called in firepower on German positions for hours all while he was being heavily targeted.

He saved so many lives ‘they can’t even count,’ Trump said. Connor was the second most decorated soldier of the Second World War.”

It may have taken a long time for Connor to receive the Medal of Honor, but our President was determined to see it done because he knew it was the right thing to do.

Trump’s decision to honor Connor, and to hold a prayer before the ceremony, shows that he is a man of God, unlike those on the Left.

Nancy Pelosi, for example, recently chided the president for referring to MS13 gang members as “animals,” and claimed that they had a “spark of divinity”. Pelosi’s shameful remarks are sadly the norm for liberals.

Instead of defending our military members, or the unborn, they would rather defend violent criminals.

This is not the America that Lieutenant Connor fought for during World War II, and with each passing generation, we get closer to losing the values that our servicemen and women risked their lives to uphold.

But as long as Trump is the President, these heroes, and their stories, will not be forgotten.

Featured Image Source H/T: PatriotJournal

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