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Democrat State Blocks Trump From 2020 Ballot If He Withholds Key Document

Democrats are just getting pathetic. Thanks to the massive successes we’ve already seen from Trump, the Left doesn’t have any legs to stand on—especially this time.

Each day, they claim to get the upper hand, only to be humiliated. How many attempts have they mounted to stump Trump? I’ve lost count. Every time it’s blown up in their faces.

All because they refuse to cooperate with the Commander in Chief. Which would, ironically, help their cause tremendously.

No, instead they double down on some of the stupidest attempts at obstruction ever seen. Really, we’ve entered SNL parody territory a long time ago.

Now Rhode Island thinks they can prevent Trump from getting reelected with a bill that is sure to be bounced right out of the Supreme Court.

From Fox News:

Rhode Island’s state Senate on Tuesday passed a bill that would require candidates for president and vice president to make their tax returns public in order to get on the Rhode Island ballot.

The bill — which passed by a 34-to-3 vote — now goes to the state House.

The legislation’s lead sponsor, Sen. Gayle Goldin (D), noted that every presidential candidate since Richard Nixon voluntarily released their tax returns until Donald Trump’s presidential run.

“Tax returns provide essential information about candidates’ conflicts of interest,” Goldin argued.

During Trump’s campaign for the Oval Office, he faced heavy criticism for not releasing copies of his tax returns.

I mean, how petty can one party get? The answer: very. These con artists and crooks will do anything to stop Trump. This one is pretty hilarious.

Nobody, I repeat, nobody cares about Trump’s taxes. Except for Democratic fanboys who pathetically try to troll conservatives on Twitter. If it was really a big issue, voters wouldn’t have picked Trump over Clinton.

This is a flimsy attempt at attacking a man who is literally making America great again. So much good has come out of the last two years. Yet the Democrats are fuming. Apparently, they don’t want to see people get off food stamps, have plenty of job opportunity, and enjoy peace from our enemies.

This is how much Democrats hate America.

But let’s be honest, this bill—if signed into law—is wildly unconstitutional. No state can deny a candidate the ballot over something as unimportant as this. Our election system is laid down by federal law; states have no power to alter it over something so obviously partisan. If it does get passed, you better believe it will be taken to the Supreme Court.

Gee, I wonder how they will vote?

Much like Andrew Cuomo’s recent bogus lawsuit, this bill is simple, liberal grandstanding. They are wasting our time (and tax dollars) just to be nasty. But who are they really hurting?

I’ll let you figure that one out on your own.

Featured Image Source H/T: FoxNews

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