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“You Clearly Did Not Consult Any Senior Black Woman” MSNBC Guest Scolds Schumer For Defending Civility

MSNBC’s Joy Reid spoke with complete insane journalists from the The Root and The Beat DC.

The Beat’s Tiffany Cross lectured Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for being racist for not listening to ‘black women’ like Maxine Waters when they call for violence against Republicans.

“But I have to tell you, Joy, for me, what was most disturbing about this entire thing is it took Democrats 2.5 seconds to go from the hashtag “trust black women” to shushing Maxine Waters. Which was very disappointing.

When Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer came out with their statements, I just shuddered because I thought, you clearly did not consult any senior black woman on your staff about this statement and how disappointing is that,” argued Cross.

Another guest from ‘The Root,’ Jason Johnson claimed that the whole idea that people should be civil is ‘ridiculous.’

“Right. And here’s the problem. This whole civility debate is ridiculous to me, Joy. I mean, it’s like Drake said, nice for what? Why do Democrats have to be nice to Republicans?” asked Johnson.

He then told very blatant lies about Republicans. “Republicans have said women who want abortions should be punished and African-Americans need to be beaten up and what the cops do is always fine and families can be separated.

This is an attempt to tone police people who are being attacked and oppressed,” said Johnson. For the record, Republicans never said any of those things.

Featured Image Source H/T: Conservative101

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