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Trump Just Completely Scrapped Obama’s Rules on Affirmative Action in College Admissions

Continuing to make good on his promise to undo the country’s regulatory regime, President Trump eliminated seven guidance documents implemented by his predecessor’s administration that dealt with Affirmative Action at college campuses.

The announcement came as some suspected his pending pick for the Supreme Court could be someone who would help clear the way for the high court to address the practice in the post-secondary education realm.

The move was meant to clear the way for schools to end the practice of using race, gender, and characteristics other than achievement to guide admissions practices. Instead, some seem intent to continue along the path laid by President Obama.

The Supreme Court has clearly allowed the use of race in college admissions. Rescinding guidance to schools on considering race will only discourage a practice that levels the playing field for students. Yet another example of Pres. Trump’s need to undo everything Pres. Obama did

We are very disappointed in the Trump administration’s announcement that colleges and universities should no longer use race and ethnicity as one of many background factors when making admissions decisions. Read APLU’s full statement: …

This pushback on Trump’s directive comes even despite the challenges that some schools have had in implementing the Obama-era guidance.

Harvard University is under scrutiny for admissions practices that may have disproportionately impacted Asian-Americans. In their quest to show preference to disadvantaged minority and ethnic groups, they may have engaged in systemic discrimination against other populations.

This has led to legal action against one of the nation’s most prominent academic institutions, and calls for greater transparency on their admissions process, which Harvard has labeled a ‘trade secret’.

Despite the odds stacked against them, Trump and his administration continue to tear down one regulation after another, and slow the growth of government.

Their action today included other guidance documents that didn’t garner as much immediate attention, but will be impactful nonetheless.

Featured Image Source H/T: ConservativeMedia

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