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4th of July Flashback: John Stamos Gets A Gift He Always Wanted And Gives It to A Marine Family

There’s a lot of marvelous noise being made by the child of one retired Marine, and it is all because of actor John Stamos.

Stamos hosted a 2017 concert, A Capitol Fourth, which was broadcast on PBS at the time. During the event, he played the drums with the Beach Boys while using a brand new red, white and blue drum set made by Ludwig.

“Ludwig was the drum set I always dreamed of having as a kid,” Stamos said. “Buddy Rich was an inspiration to me and when I started playing. I wanted to be just like him, (and) he played Ludwig. I didn’t turn out to be Buddy Rich, but I love having drums like him.”

As much as Stamos enjoyed having the drum set, he enjoyed giving it away even more.

Stamos had learned that during the Fourth of July concert, many military families would be on hand. He picked the family of retired Marine Corps Master Sgt. Mike Schneider to receive his prized possession.

Schneider sustained two traumatic brain injuries during his service with the Marines.

Those led to an epileptic seizure disorder that made it difficult for Schneider to find work. While battling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms, Schneider was treated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and participated in a music therapy program.

Schneider’s son, Owen, wanted to play the drums.

However, he was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a nervous system disorder that affects coordination. He was told that playing drums would be beyond him.

Owen, however, did not take “no” for an answer, and during Family Day at Water Reed National Military Medical Center showed that he had a talent for the instrument, which also had therapeutic value for him to improve his coordination.

Without having a drum set of his own, Owen still managed to make his middle school band.

“John Stamos has always been a patriotic guy. But what he did for a Marine and his family over July 4th was a truly beautiful thing,” wrote Nickarama on Young Conservatives. “What a very special gift to such a deserving family.”

“Thank you, John Stamos, and thank you, Sgt. Schneider, for your service! May you and your family truly enjoy such a precious gift,” Nickarama added.

Featured Image Source H/T: ConservativeFighters

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